• Oct : 9 : 2013 - The Lyceum Theater is the oldest on Broadway (opened in 1903).
  • Sep : 20 : 2013 - The Tony Award-winning play with the shortest title was Da (1978).
  • Sep : 15 : 2013 - In 1912 New York City theaters became desegregated.
  • Sep : 10 : 2013 - Most New York City Broadway theaters omit the row “I” in their seating to avoid confusion with the number one.
  • Sep : 6 : 2013 - The Actors’ Equity contract was signed on September 6, 1991 after an actors strike right before curtain call lasted almost a month.

We’re back! With another blog from my friend on tour. Hope you’re enjoying the secret look into tour life so far. Read on for more “confessions.”


I should probably take some time to map out for you what a “normal” day for us actually looks like.  Sometimes we’re lucky enough where we get to play a venue for 5-7 shows (we call this a sit-down).  It also so happens that these are usually the hotels with the most uncomfortable beds (where’s my Sleep Number bed when I need it?!).  Right now we’re in a string of one-nighters, where we play a different city every night, so I’ll show you what that usually looks like:

5:45 am – Roll out of bed. Don’t shower, DO deodorize, and check out of our hotel.

6 am – Board the bus looking like a homeless person (or equivalent), set up your cocoon on the bus, pass out.

9 am – Pit stop #1.  For those of us not brave enough to use the bus potty (ME!) this pit stop usually feels like a blessing sent from Baby Jesus.  This is also where I stock up on Pretzel M&M’s (so good, right?!)

Noon – Lunch break.  We usually stop at a mall to increase our options (unless we can find a Starbucks, that trumps all).  A typical selection includes Arby’s, Panda Express, Denny’s, and Subway.  I know there’s a god when Panera pops up. (I’m convinced the You Pick Two is my ultimate soul mate.)

1 pm – Back to the bus, back to sleep.  Some people whip out Netflix on their iPads (I sleep).

3 pm – Pit Stop #2.  If I’m a hungry, hungry hippo that day, this is where bag #2 of pretzel M&M’s happens (seriously, you haven’t lived until you’ve tried these things).

4:30 pm – Check in at the hotel.  Ever wanted to see what it’s like trying to check 45 tired, hungry beasts (also known as theatre people) into a hotel at once? Yeah, me neither.

5:30 pm – Get back on the bus and head to the venue.

6 pm – Company meeting and sound check.  Every theater is completely different so this is when we get the dish on what to be mindful of that night.  Sometimes we’ll get a huge, beautiful theater.  Other times the Knights of Columbus are hosting Bingo across the hall.

8 pm – Showtime!

10:30 pm – Show done!  Everyone gets out of costume and makeup, greets a few fans at the stage door (yes, people actually stage door in Little Rock) and loads back onto the bus to the hotel.

11-5:30 am – Some people make the conservatively smart decision to take this time to sleep, while others follow their stomach to a local restaurant (or bar).  Me, I save sleeping for the bus.

5:30 am – Let’s do it all over again!


P.S. Two Musical Theatre Nerdy bonus points if you can “name that show” from whence this post’s title came.  If you don’t, I’ll yell at you in ALL CAPS (hint, hint)

Miss last week? Read it here.


Like what you’ve read from my friend on tour? Comment below and tell us what you want to hear about next. We’re all ears. Or, as always, you can email us Spotted@BroadwaySpotted.com

12 Responses so far.

  1. Aaron says:

    NEXT TO NORMAL!!! Love that show :)

  2. David says:

    Are you in South Pacific?

    Title is from Next to Normal.

  3. Greg Tarp says:

    Next to Normal!!! Put me on the list of people who LOVE IT!

    I LOL’d at the “all caps” hint, her tweets are AMAZING!! If you aren’t following her you’re seriously missing out

  4. Anne says:

    I guess I’m not a theater nerd because I didn’t know the answer…but I also like the M & M pretzels!!
    Love the sense of humor in the blog!!! Keep on writing!

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