• Oct : 9 : 2013 - The Lyceum Theater is the oldest on Broadway (opened in 1903).
  • Sep : 20 : 2013 - The Tony Award-winning play with the shortest title was Da (1978).
  • Sep : 15 : 2013 - In 1912 New York City theaters became desegregated.
  • Sep : 10 : 2013 - Most New York City Broadway theaters omit the row “I” in their seating to avoid confusion with the number one.
  • Sep : 6 : 2013 - The Actors’ Equity contract was signed on September 6, 1991 after an actors strike right before curtain call lasted almost a month.

Hello out there, Spotteds! Or shall we call you The Follow Spots? Ba dum ching.

We’re wicked excited to be here! We’re Lucky and The Mick, and we run a Broadway web site called The Craptacular. We’re going to have a weekly column on this web site. Cool, yeah? Here’s the basic deal with us, so you’re not confused:

1. We like to talk about cute theater boys forever.
It’s an affliction. But hey, at least it’s fun, right?! Whether we’re overusing the word boner, or waxing poetic about the precise shade of Jeremy Jordan’s eyes, it’s generally all toward the same ends—we love boys, and they all manage to become 600 million times cuter when they set foot on a stage, and talking about that until we’re breathless is basically our favorite thing ever.

2. We love theater-related shenanigans and extreme tomfoolery.
Theater is serious business, we know. But it doesn’t have to be all iambic pentameter and Tony-worthy performances all the time, right? Because sometimes Broadway’s Gavin Creel dances around to Beyonce backstage in his underoos. And sometimes Claybourne Elder tweets pictures of the jar where he saves all the used fake blood and brain bits from his death scene in Bonnie & Clyde. We love it all. The sillier, the dumber, the crazier, the better. Because real people make theater, and we love to see them shine through.

3. We’re obsessed with right now.
Who’s writing the next Spring Awakening? Which cute actor are you going to be swooning over next year? We love to know, and we love to share with you. Look for reports on the best and the brightest young, up-and-coming Broadway talent.

4. Theater people like to tell us cool things.
While we adore zany lists, thoughtful essays, and browser-breaking photo features, our favorite thing to do is interview Broadway stars. And they tell us fun stories! Remind us to tell you about that time Rachelle Rak accidentally/on purpose flashed Aaron Tveit, or how Lindsay Mendez has a crush on Danny Burstein. We got both of those stories straight from Rachelle and Lindsay, and we’re excited to bring you many, many more. (And if you’re super good, Lucky will tell you about how she ended up in a sauna once with Norm Lewis. No, really.)

5. We’re writers.
Which of course means that we love good stories. Think of this column like our personal Broadway scrapbook – and your front-row seat to fun Broadway events. We hope you like it! Stay tuned for much, much more…

“Lucky and the Mick are the creators of The Craptacular. Check back next Tuesday for another “Broadway Scrapbook” column.

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  1. Dawn says:

    Sauna. Norm Lewis. Must know now!

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