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I am thrilled beyond thrilled to announce that on January 9th at 7PM, we will be hosting a twitter party for ROCKY on  Broadway!


As usual, this is going to be a fantastic event with tons of prizes, a question and answer period and tons of interaction with the show’s team! I think that is by far the most exciting part about this twitter party. How often do you get to go to a party with these types of high profile people?!

We’ll be putting out more details as we near the party, but for now we’ll give you some of the information so you can plan and RSVP below. Keep checking back on this page, because we’ll be updating it with more details on the panel and a list of prizes!

Don’t forget. In order to be eligible to win prizes, you must RSVP below by commenting with your twitter handle!

So what are the details so far?

WHAT: A totally awesome Rocky twitter party!

WHEN: January 9th, 2014 (HAPPY NEW YEAR!) From 7-8PM ET

WHY: So that you can learn more about the production as well as the team, ask questions and win prizes, duh. Beyond that, the same reason we always do twitter parties, to make the rest of the country and sometimes the world aware of the goings on of Broadway. The official hashtag will be #RockyBroadway and we want to make it trend! We love seeing people who aren’t Broadway fans ask questions about a hashtag that’s trending in their area. We’re doing our part in a really grass roots kind of way, which I absolutely dig.



- Signed Playbills

- Signed Window Card

- T-Shirt

- Key Chain

- 2 tix to previews!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask below!


I will be posting questions in this format:





and you should answer in this format:

A1: *Your answer*

A2: *Your answer*

A3: *Your answer*

etc…make sure to tag #RockyBroadway in EVERY tweet so it will trend!

*Everyone is going to do their best to be there right at 7PM EST, but due to rehearsal schedules, some of this may change.

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  1. Joe Rosko says:

    Twitter: @itsmerosko

    RSVP rockybroadway

  2. Sarah Packard says:

    I shall be there, @ladystardust25 :)

  3. Teresa says:

    Looking forward to it
    Twitter @Teresamariacoico
    RSVP RockyBroadway

  4. William says:

    Can’t wait! Twitter: @broadwayguy2001

  5. Rsvp for rockybroadway, twitter @FunMeetup

  6. Can’t wait! #RockyBroadway

    Musicals! Broadway! Giving Tours in NYC! Visit our website to see our tour schedule. @NYBroadwaytours :D

  7. Heather says:

    Sounds amazing! #RockyBroadway

  8. Lauren says:

    RSVP Rock Twitter party!!! Can’t wait

  9. Aaron Deitsch says:

    Can’t wait! @wackeal

  10. Mike H says:

    It’s the eye of this tweeter!!! @mfhallinan

    #RockyBroadway #cantwait

  11. Bryan Austermann says:

    RSVP Rocky Twitter Party

    Whoot Whoot!


  12. Jeryl M. says:

    RSVP @saysmesaysmom

  13. William Thomas says:


  14. […] bonus entry! RSVP to our #RockyBroadway twitter party and comment on this entry to let me know that you’ve done so by telling me your twitter handle […]

  15. Lori Breitman says:

    I’ll be there!

  16. Tammy says:

    RSVP Rocky Twitter Party
    (Army for vince oddo)

  17. Jamie says:

    #rsvp @jamiequiroz whoot!

  18. George Strus says:

    @gstrus2 I’ll be there! :)

  19. Kara Price says:

    Twitter: @Karababyyyyyy_
    RSVP RockyBroadway, so excited!! :)

  20. Rachael says:

    Love the twitter parties!

  21. Rebecca says:

    Yay for twitter parties!

  22. Ashley says:


  23. Hannah says:

    Can’t wait! @Hannah_Hakim

  24. Meg says:

    I’ll be there @megrojahn!

  25. Taylor Newsom says:

    I’ll be there @taylornewsom96 :)

  26. Corina says:


  27. Brian says:



  28. Sam Murphy says:

    I hope I can attend even though I am based in the UK @samanthamurphyj

  29. Phanfan says:

    I will be there! @Phanfan2012

  30. Anthony says:

    Sounds good


  31. Matt Bell says:

    Sounds very cool! Can’t wait to learn more about the production!

  32. JB III says:


  33. Brenda Haines says:

    @TheHippieHut RSVP This is going to be so good!

  34. Natalie Randall says:


  35. Nicole Cino says:


  36. Peg says:

    Pegc4 on twitter!

    So excited for this!

  37. Glenn says:

    @ourrealityshow on Twitter.

    Great people involved with this show!

  38. Max says:

    @mschwagr reporting :)

  39. Laura @LauraStar663 says:

    Can’t wait! Gave me sister and brother-in-law tickets for Rocky on Broadway even though I wanted to go also. They loved my gift.

  40. Elana says:

    Yes! I can’t wait!!

  41. Ingrid Apgar says:

    RSVP for the Twitter party!!! Woohoo! @ingridtheozian

  42. Alys says:

    RSVP Rocky Twitter Party

  43. Randi says:


  44. brian says:

    Rsvp #rockybroadway Twitter party

  45. Leona says:


    RSVP for the twitter party!

  46. Scott says:


  47. Angela says:


  48. Sharon says:

    RSVP from @SEberson_pg

  49. TracyD says:

    RSVP for #rockybroadway twitter party

  50. Jackson says:

    I’ll be there- @jacksondcline

  51. Brenda Haines says:


  52. China says:


  53. Alissa says:

    So excited! @alissamccaffrey

  54. Rob says:

    I’ll be there. @elderpoptart.

  55. Megan says:


  56. Erinn Conlon says:

    I’ll be there!


  57. Kasey Clark says:

    Looking forward to this Twitter party, @clark_kasey

  58. Nicole Wright says:

    @Nicole_M_Wright :)

  59. Candace says:

    RSVP @tweetie999

  60. Karl P says:

    RSVP @colin999999

  61. Linda says:

    Representing Germany!

  62. Joy Rosenthal says:

    @justyocheved thanks

  63. Brittany Sdao says:

    RSVP #RockyBroadway


  64. Ashley says:

    Yay!!! @SHUTUPitsASH

  65. Michele W says:

    Yay! @MicheleW_86

  66. Laura says:

    Count me in! @lauraonstage

  67. Brenda Haines says:

    @TheHippieHut RSVP

  68. Matt Bur says:

    I’ll be there! @theMattBur

  69. Isabella Revilla says:

    RSVP @IsabellaMarieR

  70. Ashley says:

    Rsvp @Shippydoll

  71. Vincent Bernatowicz says:

    RSVP #RockyBroadway twitter party – Gonna Tweet Now! @curiousvinnie

  72. Caroline says:

    Can’t wait! @carolineengle

  73. Jake says:

    How exciting!



  74. Linda says:

    It depends on where I am at that time, but will try to be on Twitter then. @PataphysicalSci

  75. Dw says:

    Can”t wait! @dwlaraway

  76. KT says:

    @mizzkaykay woot

  77. Brian says:


    Can’t wait

  78. Jeff Reid says:

    I’ll be @JeffRReid

  79. Geraldine says:

    RSVP I’ll be @GeraldineNM_19

  80. Peter says:

    @PeteCharney Sounds awesome! Excited for the show!

  81. Kayleigh says:

    Woot! @kayleighrichel

  82. Sarah Simpson says:

    RSVP @Simpson07Sarah

  83. Jeremy Bennington says:

    Twitter: @MrProducer
    RSVP #RockyBroadway

  84. Jennifer says:


  85. Andrew Lewis says:

    I’ll be there! @DirectorLewis

  86. Annabelle Kline says:


  87. @motherearth2000 says:

    RSVP @motherearth2000

  88. Olivia says:

    twitter: olivia_withers1
    RSVP!!! :D

  89. Allie M says:

    RSVP – I’m at the party! – @alliejblank

  90. Tracy Hoyt says:

    Great Party with TracyHoytHomes and RockyBroadway

  91. Doug B. says:

    Twitter: countertenor49 RSVP Rocky Twitter Party

  92. Hellen says:

    hellenkouf RSVP

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