• Oct : 9 : 2013 - The Lyceum Theater is the oldest on Broadway (opened in 1903).
  • Sep : 20 : 2013 - The Tony Award-winning play with the shortest title was Da (1978).
  • Sep : 15 : 2013 - In 1912 New York City theaters became desegregated.
  • Sep : 10 : 2013 - Most New York City Broadway theaters omit the row “I” in their seating to avoid confusion with the number one.
  • Sep : 6 : 2013 - The Actors’ Equity contract was signed on September 6, 1991 after an actors strike right before curtain call lasted almost a month.




It’s time for a Ticket Give-Away!!

Our friend, Drew Gasparini, is putting on a concert at one of our favorite venues, 54 Below on May 3rd! He and some special guests will perform some of Drew’s favorite songs from his collection, and some original work as well.

It’ll be a night to remember and we’ve got ONE PAIR OF TICKETS to give to ONE OF YOU!


Ok. So, how do you win?

Write a haiku below inspired by Drew, his songs, or why you want to attend his concert and submit it in the comments section below!

BONUS points if you make and post a video of yourself reciting your original haiku :)

Don’t forget to add your email address so we can contact you if you win!

The contest ends Tuesday April 29th at 5pm and the winner will be notified by email.

Have fun with it and get creative!

For more information about the concert check out the 54 Below page: http://54below.com/artist/drew-gasparini/

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7 Responses so far.

  1. Gasparini rules!
    Not just for his hairy chest…
    Mostly for his songs.

    Drew, I’m unemployed.
    You know that I love your songs.
    I can pay in hugs.

  2. Amy Marik says:

    Remember that night
    Full of haikus about poop?
    Yeah, I do.

  3. Drew Gasparini
    Super creative talent
    Great songs and great friend

  4. melissa bouganim says:

    Making magic tunes,
    can’t nobody Make me Bad
    just as you do, Drew


    Will you get me there?
    I know this is more than just
    Kindergarden love

  5. Joshua L. K. Patterson says:

    I love your music!
    I want to see this concert!
    “Prove your magics real”

  6. Jenny A says:

    Boobs, boobs, boobs, boobs, and more boobs.
    Lots of poop.
    Good talks
    Crazy and talented
    Your music is powerful and fun
    You got talent kid
    You’re gonna rule the world!

  7. Scott K says:

    A master at work
    From his heart he drew a song
    I threw him my thong

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