• Sep : 28 : 2015 - There are a total of 31 backflips performed in every performance of Newsies.
  • Sep : 21 : 2015 - The London company of Mamma Mia supplies lycra for the Super Trouper costumes for all the international productions. Their orders for the fabric saved an Italian mill from going out of business.
  • Sep : 14 : 2015 - Marvin Hamlisch and Richard Rodgers are the only two people to win both the EGOT and a Pulitzer Prize.
  • Sep : 7 : 2015 - Wicked uses 250 pounds of dry ice per show and an additional 200 pounds when touring.
  • Aug : 31 : 2015 - The chandelier from The Phantom of the Opera is made up of over 6,000 beads.


The time has come, Citizens. I know, it has been three weeks of fun, games, and bloody battles, but we have finally arrived at the Finals of The Broadway Hunger Games. We want to take a moment to thank you all for joining us on this journey. Thank you to all of the Tributes from EVERY district who have participated and made this a really fun experience.

As requested by most of the fans and Tributes, we are extending the voting period for the finals. Previously, the voting has been 2 1/2 days. But the voting for this round will start RIGHT NOW and end SUNDAY APRIL 29th at 4pm. We are giving you two FULL extra days. However, ALL VOTES MUST BE IN BY 4PM SUNDAY 4/29/12 to be counted. NO EXCEPTIONS! 

Check back at this page every day, because we will be including a graph to show you which Tribute is in the lead at the beginning of each day. There are many ways to help your favorite Tribute earn points, but they are specific so please read the rules. If your vote does not follow the rules, it will not be counted! We had problems with cheating in the last round and we will pay close attention to these votes as well. Do not copy the link from the vote above you, it looks suspicious. If you know you and someone in your home are both voting, please note that in your comment so that we don’t disqualify your vote. We are checking IP addresses. Keep this fun for everyone!

How to Help Your Tribute Earn Points:

1. As always, you can just simply VOTE! In a comment below (preferred method, easier for us to track) or in a Twitter comment give the name of the person you want to vote for. If you choose to post on Twitter, you must tag @BroadwaySpotted or #BroadwayHungerGames. This earns that tribute ONE POINT.

2. To add an extra point to the above vote, you may include a link to a video or a description of why you believe your Tribute should be Victor (for example: they belt the best, they dance the best, or the do something better than anyone. Come up with your own reason). This earns that tribute ONE EXTRA POINT.

3. A “mentor” (anyone who has been in a Broadway show, off-Broadway show, or on a National tour counts as a mentor) may vote for any Tribute by commenting or tweeting. This earns that tribute TWO POINTS.

4. If the above mentioned mentor makes a video, this earns that tribute FOUR POINTS (per mentor in the video).

5. If the tribute makes a video themselves they will receive FIVE POINTS (however, you may only get these five points ONCE in this round).

6. Finally, if a citizen of the capitol (any fan) chooses to make a video in support of their tribute, that tribute will receive THREE POINTS per capitol citizen in the video. However, in the video you must mention the following: The name of your Tribute, the District your Tribute comes from, WHY they should win the Hunger Games and BroadwaySpotted.com

Without further adieu…Your Tributes are:

Brandon Rubendall of District Anything Goes

Donna Vivino of District Wicked

Morgan James of District Godspell

Choose wisely and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Current standings as of 6pm on April 27, 2012. How is your Tribute fairing?

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539 Responses so far.

  1. Janet says:

    My vote: MORGAN!

  2. dani o. says:

    Morgan James!

  3. Anita says:

    Morgan James!

  4. Christina says:

    I vote MORGAN JAMES!!! Not only is she gorgeous and super talented, but she can wear two pairs of sunglasses at the same time better than anyone else.

  5. Candice Elyse says:

    Donna Vivino!!!!

  6. Ian James Roberts says:

    My vote is for Morgan James, because look at her – the girl is FIERCE competition!


  7. George T says:

    Dona Vivino gets my vote.


  8. Sue Suliivan says:

    My vote is for Morgan!! My daughter, Lindsay, is on her street team! Morgan is amazing!!!!

  9. Molly P. says:

    Morgan James!

  10. Julie says:

    Morgan James all the way! Not only can she belt for jesus but she can sing legit too!

  11. liotte says:

    I vote for Donna Vivino! She is awesome and did a musical madlibs at DQYNJ spoofing her own role as young Cosette in Les Miz.

  12. CW says:

    Morgan James of District Godspell


  13. Aimee says:

    Morgan! There is no other voice! So Gorgeous!!

  14. Sara G says:

    Morgan James! Of Distinct Godspell, because she inspires impressive levels of devotion.

  15. Christina says:

    Donna Vivino!!

  16. Randi Brown says:

    Donna Vivino! When she is singing, you can hear a pin drop in a daycare!

  17. Jane Sanchez says:

    Morgan James

  18. h says:

    Morgan james! Fierce.

  19. Bettie Laven says:

    Morgan James: For sure to win this great contest!

  20. Cayla says:

    Donna Vivino – District Wicked. She is so extremely talented! Idina Menzel has some really close competition as Miss Elphaba Thropp. :D

  21. Kim says:


  22. Jacqueline says:

    Morgan James! Morgan James!

  23. Evan Autio says:

    I vote Morgan James of District Godspell…. Cause she is Sickening.. Beautiful… and I’m a mentor so give her two points! Holler.

  24. Kerry says:

    Donna Vivino!!

  25. MDD says:

    Donna Vivino

  26. Noel LaRosa says:

    Morgan James!!!

  27. Lauren Brosnan says:

    Donna Vivino We here at Coca-Cola
    will be voting for Donna we’ve all been her fan since the making of the Diet Coke Commercial


  28. jay venner says:

    donna vivino!!!

  29. ana solano says:

    Donna Vivino

    Coke always picks the winners!

  30. Kyle says:

    Donna vivino
    Saw her in wicked she was great

  31. Kevin says:

    Donna vivino is the best

  32. Barbara Clark says:

    Donna Vivino

    Loved her as a child in the coke commercial also saw her in Wicked as an adult. Feel she has a great future ahead. She is very talented.

  33. Russell says:

    Donna vivino , really good at wicked

  34. Courtney says:

    Morgan because she’s a CRAZY beltress!!!!!!

  35. Jess says:

    Morgan James!!! I mean, not only does she have a fierce belt, she can sing this:



  36. rasheedah norman says:

    Donna Vivino – very talented and I love her in the Caffiene free Coke commercial.

  37. Laurel says:

    Donna Vivino – All of us at Coca-Cola love her voice. We watched her grow up and progress to Broadway. Loved her in Wicked!!!!

  38. edgar says:

    Donna Vivino Has my vote….!!!!!!!!
    She is AWESOME……

  39. Sherri says:

    Donna Vivino

  40. Bob says:

    Donna Vivino

  41. I vote for the captivating talent of:

    Morgan James

    The depth of the soul she expresses in her music, as well as her vocal versatility is astounding to me.

  42. Rob Martin says:

    I vote for Donna Vivino…… She Rocks

  43. Jamie C. says:

    Donna Vivino

  44. Molly says:

    I vote for Morgan James!!! She and Tituss sound SO GOOD together! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6N-EoqPTZ8

  45. JC says:

    Donna Vivino!

  46. Shel says:

    I vote for

  47. Shel says:

    I vote for MORGAN JAMES! She is gorgeous and can sing anything! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qw9SjAYHEg&feature=related

  48. Mark says:

    MORGAN JAMES from Godspell district. Ferocious singer!
    (Three votes coming from this family’s computer)

  49. Robin Sorice says:


  50. Luck says:

    Has to be MORGAN JAMES !!!!! She sings like an angel. (and she’s my granddaughter! So proud of her.)

  51. Grace says:

    Morgan James!!!

  52. adam says:

    morgan james definitely!

  53. MKS373 says:

    This is so so so hard but my vote is for Brandon Rubendall.

  54. Addy says:

    I vote for Morgan!!

  55. Addy says:


  56. Karl says:

    I vote for Brandon Rubendall because he lit up the stage when I saw him in Anything Goes with his smile and great dancing. And I could go on and on, but I will stop :)

  57. John W. says:

    Donna Vivino- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNkc0aeSSgI . This is the same IP address as Donna W. above because 2 of Donna’s fans live in this household & we only have 1 computer. Please do not count this as a duplicate vote.

  58. Debbi Y says:

    Donna Vivino http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNkc0aeSSgI

    There will be two votes from this house hold

  59. David Boren says:

    Morgan James.

    What’s a Morgan James?

  60. Karin says:

    I am casting my vote for Brandon Rubendall of District Anything goes for the win with a Citizen video (3 points)

  61. Conroy G. says:

    Donna Vivino
    I saw her performance in Dallas Texas and Broadway and she still “Defying Gravity”, you have my vote!!!

  62. Danica says:

    Brandon Rubendall!

  63. Erica says:

    Motgan James! She is terrific! Went to godspell last saturday and she singlede
    Out in her number! Thought I looked like a Kardashian ;)

  64. Kaye says:

    Donna Vivino!

  65. LD says:

    Donna Vivino http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0JPWBSRToY

    There will be two votes from this computer there are two fans in this household and 1 computer

  66. Laura Van Winkle says:

    Donna Vivino is my choice. Never have I seen or heard someone as talented as she from the time she was a little girl. She makes you love listening to her.

  67. Alex says:

    Donna Vivino – because she is one childhood star who did NOT go wrong.

  68. MD says:

    Morgan! Godspell ftw!

  69. Ralph D says:

    Donna Vivino http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MObfYLL2oDw

    Same Ip address as LD above ! Computer in household

  70. Helen Anne says:

    Morgan James

  71. Kaitlin says:


  72. dsh says:

    Donna Vivino! Because she is beautiful, talented, and HILARIOUS.


  73. ben biordi says:

    Brandon Rubendall

  74. Jodie says:

    Donna Vivino!

  75. Elizabeth C. says:

    Morgan James of District Godspell of course. She is extremely talented and a very attractive young lady. She deserves to win!

  76. Anton Lee says:

    Donna Vivino!

  77. Ben Feldman says:

    Donna is the Broadway powerhouse to watch and was the best tenant during her Wicked tour ever!

  78. Fred says:

    Morgan James!

  79. Ralph says:

    Donna Vivino for District Wicked !!!!

  80. Betsy Bernstein says:

    Donna Vivino because her talent is UNLIMITED!

  81. I vote for Donna Vivino because she is not only very talented, but she is loving and kind. Thanks to her hosting a toy drive for The Gift Of A Helping Hand Charitable Trust, while she was at the Detroit Opera House, when she was in Detroit, Michigan performing a few years ago. We was able to reach more needy children and teens in our communities needing assistance during the holiday season. I vote Donna Vivino shoud win, because she deserves to win. Here is a video link to our 2012 toy collection drive. http://www.youtube.com/user/tgoahhct?v=5PHucGNv3ME

    Congratulations Donna Vivino, The Gift Of A Helping Hand Charitable Trust is supporting you in every efforts and we hope that you win.

  82. Evan Barden says:

    Donna Vivino, of District Wicked, without a doubt. This woman is an absolute joy to be around, an amazing performer, and she also has the hottest celebrity sightings!


  83. Mary Anne Jentzen says:

    Donna Vivino of District Wicked!!!!

  84. Cayla says:

    Donna Vivino, district Wicked. – she is an amazing singer! Idina Menzel better watch out! (Once again, I dint know if my last vote went thru, so please don’t disqualify my vote)

  85. Ellen Burns says:

    Morgan James!! She has helped us all “learn [our] lessons well,” “turned back” all challengers, given us all “good gifts,” lights up the world and her winning Broadway Hunger Games would be “all for the best”!!

  86. Bonnie Donovan says:

    Donna is awesome!!! What a powerful voice. Can;t wait to see her in Wicked for the 4th tie!!!

  87. Alex says:

    Brandon- his past videos for this competition have not ceased to make me laugh out loud. He’s been in Spider-Man and survived through to version 2.0, which is an accomplishment and now is a cute little sailor in Anything Goes.

  88. Rebecca says:

    My vote is for Morgan James!!! I qualify as a mentor as well, I was on the national tour of Mamma Mia:-)

  89. Becky Schroeder says:

    I vote for Morgan!! She’s as kind as she is talented!! Go Morgan – we love you! Check her out!

  90. Jessica Krome says:

    Donna Vivno!!!

  91. Gabe says:

    Donna Vivino Donna Vivino Donna Vivino! She inspired me to do musical theatre when I saw her in WICKED two years ago!

  92. Suzanne Moreda says:

    Donna Vivino….saw Donna rock the roof off in Hairspray…hoping to see her in WICKED!….she is the real thing!

  93. Amy says:

    Morgan James! :)

  94. Maggie says:

    Morgan James.. she’s fierce!


  95. Jennifer B. says:

    I vote for the multi-talented, hilarious, and beautiful Ms. DONNA VIVINO. She was my dear, tortured little Cosette for over two and a half years on Broadway and if she lived through all of that onstage abuse… she does not deserve to die in The Broadway Hunger Games.
    GO DONNA!!!

  96. Karli says:

    Morgan James!!!

  97. Mike S says:

    Morgan James hands down! Is there any question, she owns it!

  98. Jean-Marie Green says:

    Donna Vivino! Amazing voice!

  99. Rashi Sharma says:

    I vote for Morgan James!

  100. Kim says:

    Donna get my vote! Not only is she a fantastic actress and singer, she is genuinely kind and caring. Here is a video of her singing at a benefit for Big Cat Rescue in Floida where I had the pleasure of meeting her:

  101. Wendy says:

    Donna Vivino gets my vote!!!

  102. Barbara Meyer says:

    Donna Vivino is a must see! Always moves the audience!

  103. tamra says:

    i vote morgan because she is the best air guitar player ever (during the ending of learn your lessons well)
    videos will follow later :)

  104. Alex Grunerud says:

    I vote for Morgan because shes AMAZING…YouTube her, check out her website…she has never failed to impress

  105. Marie Hearon says:

    Donna Vivino – Absolutely amazing in Wicked!!!

  106. Matt Hearon says:

    Donna Vivino – Her voice is amazing

  107. Bill Hearon says:

    Donna Vivino – Her voice is so powerful, she played the part great!

  108. Ralphie says:

    Donna Vivino !!! All the way

  109. Grace says:

    Donna Vivino gets my vote

  110. Marcia T says:

    Donna Vivino gets my vote!!!!

  111. Kim C says:

    Donna Vivino

  112. Bethany Luongo says:


  113. Lauri says:

    Donna Vivino – she is amazing!!!

    See for yourself…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Y9YOp5J908

  114. ralph says:

    Donna Vivino all the way!

  115. Michele says:

    Please check out Morgan. She is the best…EVER!

    I vote for Morgan James. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPuVgKk5lzA

  116. Debbie Fielder says:

    I vote for the amazing Brandon Rubendall!!


  117. JES says:

    I vote for Morgan James.

  118. Jonathan says:

    Morgan James!

  119. Kellie says:

    I vote for morgan james!!

  120. Christopher says:

    I vote for Morgan James. She’s so awesome!

  121. Karen H says:

    How could you not vote for MORGAN JAMES???!!! She has the talent and will to SURVIVE!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jShw6gSmoFA

  122. Lubomira says:

    Donna Vivino

  123. Kaleighkayy says:

    Vote Brandon!!!!!!

  124. sydney siembida says:

    I vote for Morgan James!!

  125. kelsie durno says:

    i vote for morgan james

  126. nicholas carbon says:

    i vote for morgan james!!

  127. sydney says:

    i vote for morgan .. shes amazing

  128. kelley s says:

    i vote for morgan james…good luck morgan :)

  129. bobby s says:

    MORGAN JAMES all the way! good luck morgan!! :)

  130. karli says:

    i vote for morgan james!!

  131. destiny says:

    Morgan James of District Godspell

  132. Sam Negin says:

    Morgan James of District Godspell is, by far, the girl who most deserves to win this Broadway Hunger Games and I think the video below explains why.


    As a Person of Godspell and, thus, a producer of that show, I know the many vocal and acting talents of Ms. Morgan James. Let’s get this girl the trophy we all know she deserves!

  133. catie says:

    MORGAN JAMES..my friend sydney told me to vote for her!! she’s so good!

  134. Nick Grunerud says:

    Hey this is Nick. I am Morgan’s brother/family person. I think Morgan should win because she is my sister!!!

  135. Jonny Hayes says:

    I voted BRANDON!

  136. Heather says:

    Morgan James!!!! She’s so talented :)

  137. Kristen says:

    Morgon James!

  138. Billy says:

    I vote for Morgan James. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPuVgKk5lzA This song is amazing!!!!

  139. Kim Morrison says:

    My vote is for Morgan James, she is amazing!

  140. Holly says:

    Morgan’s sassy 4 year old fan Holly would like you to know that “I SUPPORT MORGAN JAMES, IN THE BROADWAY HUNGER GAMES!”

  141. Jonathan S. says:

    Morgan James.

  142. Shellie Harwood says:

    It has to be MORGAN JAMES! And this song is the reason why:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPuVgKk5lzA
    (I am her Mama…18 hours of labor to get her here should count for an extra point!)
    4th vote from family computer; please don’t disqualify.

  143. Tiffany says:

    Morgan James!

  144. Jannine says:

    I vote for Morgan James. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPuVgKk5lzA
    She rocks!!

  145. Penny Prezioso says:

    Donna Vivino

  146. Daniel says:

    I vote for Donna Vivino because her consistency, strong abilities, heart and (of course) her dedication are true marks of a Hunger Games victor.

    - Daniel (Assoc. Conductor, “Billy Elliot” 2nd National Tour)

  147. Michelle Brosnan says:

    Donna Vivino! She’s an amazing talent!

  148. Kara says:

    I vote for Morgan James because she kicks ass in Godspell.

  149. Marcia Tode says:

    Donna Vivino

  150. Christine Ziemer says:

    I vote for Morgan James. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jShw6gSmoFA


  152. suzette says:

    donna vivino

  153. john says:


  154. Ann says:

    My vote is for Morgan James,her amazing voice puts the Wicked under a Godspell!


  155. lindsay says:

    my vote is for morgan james! i loved her in ‘guys and dolls’ last summer at barrington!

  156. Kevin says:

    DONNA for the win!

  157. Kristen says:

    Morgan James!

  158. Jan B says:

    Donna Vivino of course!!! Saw her in Hairspray and Wicked and she is, without a doubt, the most amazingly beautiful and talented girl ever!!! She deserves this more than anyone else!!

  159. Michelle says:


  160. amy prow says:

    I vote for Brandon Rubendall cause he is awesome and easy on the eyes too. ;)
    like this utube link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-IZjZTT180

  161. Karen Woicekowski says:

    Donna Vivino because she is beautiful inside and out – and because when I saw her in Les Misérables as the Young Cosette when she was 9 years old she stole my heart and took my breath away – just as she did when I saw her in Wicked

  162. Lori L says:

    Donna Vivino
    I had the pleasure of seeing her perform in Providence, RI. Her performance was spectacular!

  163. Sue says:

    morgan james ftw!

  164. [...] Here are the rules for voting, taken from this link: [...]

  165. Jess says:

    Morgan James! I mean, just listen to ‘Turn Back O Man’, she’s got two pairs of sunglasses (other tributes don’t know where she’s aiming- element of surprise), she’s got two good sides (intimidating), plus God, Jesus and the disciples behind her belting out power balades!!! Hands down winner!

  166. Alayne says:

    Gotta vote for Donna Vivino.

  167. agvivino says:

    My Vote: Donna Vivino – District Wicked

  168. Kathy says:

    Morgan James!!! She rocks

  169. Brandon K says:

    Donna Vivino

  170. Ann Marie says:

    Donna Vivino has my vote!!!! she is amazing

  171. Nate says:

    I am voting for Donna.

  172. Julie says:

    I vote for MORGAN JAMES!!! She ROCKS!!!

  173. btjiupek says:

    My vote: Brandon Rubendall

  174. Janelle Maiwald says:

    There is only one choice: Morgan James!!!

  175. Sarah says:

    Brandon Rubendall

  176. Brandon Crane says:

    Morgan James!

  177. Cayla says:

    I read the votes. Apparently my first one did work, so only count it once please. :P

  178. Jules says:

    Donna Vivino!!!!

  179. CC says:

    Donna Vivino!

  180. Barbara says:

    Donna Vivino rocks!!!

  181. Jeeter says:

    lets go Donna Vivino

  182. Resa says:

    Morgan James!!!

  183. Ann says:

    I vote for Donna Vivino

  184. Paula says:

    My vote is for Donna Vivino!

  185. Adam P says:

    Donna Vivino

  186. Barbara Blondin says:

    Donna Vivino !

  187. LD says:

    Donna Vivino! She is the best!

  188. Myra says:

    Donna Vivino! because there is only ONE original Broadway cast Young Cosette, and who knew Young Cosette doesn’t grow up to be Cosette nor Eponine, but ELPHABA!

  189. debbie t says:

    Donna Vivino all the way. She’s the very best.

  190. Ann Marie says:

    I vote for Morgan James. This woman is incredible!

  191. Donna T. says:

    The “beautiful and most talented” Donna Vivino gets my vote!!!! She is kind, so gifted and has a great sense of humor!!!!!!!! from Cosette to Elphaba on broadway and everything else she has accomplished in between she continues to bring her family, friends and fans sooooo much joy!!!!!

  192. Farid says:

    I vote for Morgan James!

  193. beth says:

    My vote: Morgan James!

  194. Hilary says:

    MORGAN JAMES!!!!!!!!!

  195. Laura says:

    Donna Vivino

  196. I vote for Donna Vivino.

  197. Morgan James. Listen to her stuff with Titus and her great stuff in “Godspell”. Great legit & belt. More stuff at http://www.playbill.com/multimedia/video/4976/OBSESSED-Godspells-Morgan-James-and-a-Mariah-Carey-Coloratura

    • by the way, also a mentor as the most panned play, but most fun I had, was in the ’78 production of “Julius Caesar” with dreyfuss, George Rose (miss him dearly) and Austin Pendleton.

  198. Tom Berklund says:

    Morgan James

  199. Kathryn Sarah Connor says:

    Morgan James of district Godspell


  200. Jessica Stone says:

    Morgan James of district Godspell because she has the most AH-MAZING voice on Broadway right now! SEE, PROOF: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HP06nY7ouCo

  201. Courtney Glick says:

    My vote: Morgan!

  202. My vote: Brandon Rubendall

  203. Joey says:

    vote for Brandon Rubendall! He’s amazing!


    more than one person uses this computer

  204. lauren davis says:

    Brandon Rubendall

  205. btjiupek says:

    Brandon Rubendall

  206. andrea clapperton says:


  207. Brian Sekinger says:

    Brandon! Amazing talent and rights advocate.

  208. Desiree Dahms says:



  209. Jason H says:

    Morgan James, you go girl!!! Infectious voice!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jShw6gSmoFA

  210. Steven Hunter says:

    I vote for for BRANDON RUBENDALL!!!

  211. Steven Hunter says:

    Here’s my clip of Brandon singing! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-IZjZTT180

  212. Allison H says:

    Morgan James, all the way! Check out the depth of her awesome voice! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jShw6gSmoFA

  213. kevin Loomis says:

    im voting for my boy, BRANDON.

  214. Keith Murphy says:

    voting for Donna! She’s got an amazing voice

  215. Jason Courson says:

    Vote: BRANDON!

  216. JeremyWestenn says:

    Voting for BRANDON!

    All glories and praise to He who has been Spiderman, He who is a singer, He who is a superb actor. But, most importantly, all glories to hit hotness! HAIL BRANDON!


    Brandon- I salute you! O7!


    - Jeremy

  217. Nicole says:

    Morgan James FTW!

  218. Wendy Kellogg says:

    I vote for Brandon Rubendall team Anything Goes. He is a talented young man who can do it all!


  219. Marissa says:

    My vote is for Brandon Hands down!!! Get em!!! :)

  220. Caitlin says:

    Donna vivino!!!!!!! Can’t wait wait to see her again!!!

  221. John says:

    Vote for Brandon Rubendall!

  222. Juan says:

    Brandon Rubendall

  223. e says:

    Brandon Rubendall!

  224. Adam Skai says:

    BRANDON FLIPPIN RUBENDALL! He not only has jumped from show to show, and put in the time and effort to be a broadway vet, he is someone to look up to.

    DONE =p

  225. Tracie Brosnan says:

    Donna Vivino

  226. Rachelle says:

    voted for Brandon Rubendall

  227. Johnny S says:

    My vote: Brandon Rubendall (what a rich voice)


  228. Inessa Rivkis says:

    I vote for Morgan James because she has been in three original broadway casts

  229. Dmitry Saloutenko says:

    I vote for Morgan because she can do 3 shows in one days ( second vote on home computer)

  230. Kartin Prasad says:

    I vote Morgan James because she can sing any type of music.

  231. Rishi Mahajan says:

    I vote for Morgan James because she is awesome and she is very kind.

  232. Mini says:

    Morgan James is cute. This is second vote from the home computer.

  233. Yu says:

    I vote for Morgan James because she is the best belter and riffer I have ever heard!

  234. Lou E says:

    Donna Vivino in wicked!! She’s the best!!

  235. Tanya N says:

    3 votes from our house for DONNA VIVINO!!!!
    Wickedly fantastic in Wicked of course :)

  236. Richard says:


    I vote Brandon Rubendall, talent, beauty, and real nice guy!!



  237. Alf says:

    My vote is for Ruben. Best singing!

  238. brumley says:

    I vote for Morgan James. http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=GPuVgKk5lzA

  239. Samantha Hoch says:

    I vote for Brandon Rubendall from Anything Goes! My future husband/Broadway love-boat/cutie needs to win!!


    :) )))

  240. Theresa says:

    I have to vote for Morgan James and her incredible pipes. Observe her singing the song “Make Me Hate You,” and I’ll bet you’d wish she hated you enough to sing it to you. :)


  241. Amanda Hoch says:

    I vote for Brandon Rubendall! (There is another person voting from this computer)


  242. rosemary says:

    donna vivino!!!! i saw donna in hairspray and wicked.
    awesome!!!! she is fantastic!

  243. chris says:


  244. Michael says:

    I vote for Morgan James because of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLpPU4cmSgc

  245. Linda says:

    I vote for Morgan James because of this:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLpPU4cmSgc

  246. Ali says:

    My vote is for Brandon!

  247. Shannon says:

    Donna Vivino !

  248. Gary says:


    When she sings in Godspell, Wicked (next door) pauses out of respect.

  249. Mary Ellen Brosnan says:

    I vote for DONNA VIVINO!!!!!

  250. Allen says:

    MORGAN JAMES! Most versatile voice on Broadway! (Father knows best!)

  251. Sharma says:

    Morgan James to win! Saw her play Alice in “Wonderland”. She was tremendous! But, she can also do this:

  252. Sharma says:

    The above was the second vote from this IP. Please count.

  253. Agnes Barber says:

    Donna Vivino

  254. Brenda says:

    I vote for Morgan!!! Beauty!!!

  255. Dougie Fresh says:

    Brandon Rubendall is the fiercest tribute EVER!!!

  256. Brad Templeton says:

    I vote for Morgan!!!

  257. Anna says:

    Donna Vivino
    I’m a fan of Donna’s. She is amazing. Just check out this video of her (and the cast of Wicked) singing ‘The Rose’ for a benefit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0FyQGkzodc

    This is the 1st of four votes from our ip address. Thanks for counting them all.

  258. Curt says:

    Donna Vivino
    As the man of the house, I especially like this video of her singing ‘Last Dance’ at a benefit in New York: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDLBMCWns6s

    This is the 2nd of four votes from our ip address. Thank you for counting them all.

  259. Lucas says:

    Donna Vivino
    My mom has drug me to see Wicked in New York, LA, Seattle, and Dallas. It wasn’t until I saw Donna from the front row in Dallas that I understood. Here is the most recent audio I could find of her singing Defying Gravity on Broadway … wow!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVoIreVA5h0

    This is the 3rd of four votes from our ip address. Thanks for counting them all.

  260. Trevor says:

    Donna Vivino
    I like her impressions best and think she should be on Saturday Night Live: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eenIFSjbo9o

    This is the 4th and “final” vote from our ip address. Thanks for understanding. We are a family and all our votes should count.

  261. renata kosenko says:

    I vote for Brandon Rubendall !!!

  262. Aberkoski says:

    I vote for Brandon Rubendall
    Super talented super smile
    Super great voice
    Super Hot!
    And the nicest guy you ever would want to talk too humle caring and helpful

  263. Carlo Taurelli Salimbeni says:

    I vote for Brandon Rubendall!!

  264. Francesco Bianco says:

    I vote for Brandon.

  265. Marila says:

    I vote for the most talented/amazing voice/gorgeous Brandon Rubendall!!!!!

  266. Yann de Laclos says:

    I vote for Brandon Rubendall!! Very talentuous!

  267. Fiamma says:

    Vote for Brandon Rubendall !!!!

  268. MIKE says:

    I think Donna Vivino should win the Hunger Games because it is a game of survival and she has survived on broadway longer than the other tributes. She made her debut when she was 8 years old and is still going strong! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Y9YOp5J908

  269. Lynn says:

    This is the 2nd of 3 votes from the above address.(same houselhold)

    Donna Vivino all the way! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Y9YOp5J908

  270. Barbara says:

    Donna Vivino http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNkc0aeSSgI

    This is the 3rd of 3 votes from the above address.

  271. scotty says:

    Morgan James is #1!

  272. Anita says:

    Who could possibly vote for anyone but Morgan James!

  273. Kim S says:

    Donna Vivino

  274. Klape says:

    brandon rubendall

  275. Stella says:


  276. Alessia says:

    Brandon Rubendall :)

  277. m says:


  278. Maryann says:

    2nd vote from this computer

    I vote for Donna. Amazing voice!

  279. TheEvidence says:


  280. Bob says:

    3rd vote from this computer

    Donna Vivino

  281. Carol says:

    Donna Vivino gets my vote

  282. Lara says:

    Donna Vivino! She’s sweet and funny (apparently) and beautiful. And can she SING!!!! http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YWgSQDVFd6c

    How lovely?!

  283. Jimbo says:

    Donna Vivino

  284. Katelin says:


  285. Jen says:

    Morgan James!

  286. Amy Smallwood says:

    Donna!! (This is per Kristine Reese’s influence!)

  287. Ethan says:


  288. Bill Bonny says:

    Donna Vivino got my vote

  289. Jen says:

    I am voting for Donna VIVINO from District WICKED. I saw her on tour with 1st National Tour in Providence, RI and Houston, TX. Donna is amazing!

  290. Miles says:

    I am voting with Jen above. We saw Donna Vivino together. Donna is fabulous!

  291. Dezi says:

    I vote for Donna Vivino because she is the bomb!

    There will be 4 votes from this family’s IP address

  292. Madeline says:

    DONNA VIVINO!!!!! Amazing voice!


  293. manny says:

    DONNA VIVINO such a beautiful voice & girl.

    please delete 1 of Madeline’s votes above. She misunderstood and thought you could vote more than once if you used a different you tube.

    The 4 votes form this address are Dezi, Madeline, Missy and Manny
    thank you

  294. Kevin says:

    My vote is for Morgan James!!!! She is an incredible singer who can sing anything!!!!

  295. Federico says:


  296. kari m says:

    donna vivino http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNkc0aeSSgI

    We went to see Donna in WICKED on Broadway in March and were just blown away! We are now fans for life.

    There will be 4 votes from this IP address since we only own one computer.

  297. sandy says:

    Donna Vivino I went with my family in March to she WICKED and she was just amazing!


  298. janice says:

    DONNA VIVINO should win! Amazingly talented and very sweet to her fans!


  299. kimberly says:

    DONNA VIVINO this so song is so beautiful and heartfelt. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDjZdkfJAL0

  300. Samantha says:

    My vote for Donna!!

  301. federica says:


  302. Johnny C says:

    Donna Vivino is a shoe in because
    a) she has great taste in shoes. (Key for outrunning other tributes)
    b) she is sassy (not sure if it’s the New Jersey bit or the New York bit or if they combine to form a sort of sassy super power)
    c) she has brilliant hair that is just crazy fun (no parenthetical reference needed)
    d) she said that if she wins because of my outstanding support she would refriend me on Facebook (pleeeeeease! My entire self worth is directly linked with Facebook)
    e) she is really gentle when placing restraining orders on stalkers (which I am certainly not(I promise (seriously (no. really, I’m not (Donna, I will always love you)))))

  303. Rachel says:

    Donna Vivino!

  304. Terry says:

    I vote for Brandon Rubendall!!!!!

  305. Bee says:

    A vote and shout-out to the MORGAN JAMES STREET TEAM!!! They are awesome. Go Morgan!

  306. Peggy O' says:

    Voting for Donna Vivino because she is her Aunt Donna’s namesake and I went to high school with her aunt. And because she is reeeaaallly talented

  307. Mark says:

    My vote is for Donna Vivino. She is both a great singer and a fabulous actress. She has it all.
    Just watch this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNkc0aeSSgI

  308. Renee says:

    I vote for Donna Vivino.

  309. Renee says:

    There are 3 family member in this family. 2 more vote for Donna Vivivo. Richard Prestipino & Kristina Flaherty

  310. Tyler says:


  311. Denise Dreyer says:

    Donna Vivino http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MObfYLL2oDw


  312. J. R. Dise says:

    Has to be Morgan James. She is perfect.

  313. Dawn Dise says:

    One more vote for Morgan. Yay!

  314. Miley Barbosa says:

    I vote for BRANDON RUBENDALL!!!! =)

  315. Samantha says:

    Donna Vivino gets my vote! Go District Wicked!!

  316. Stephanie says:

    Donna Vivino!

  317. Jeanette says:


    Tribute VIDEO VOTES for VIVINO from a Seattle Team who loves her!

  318. Jetty says:

    Hilarious, funny and a great singer
    she can sure hit the high notes

  319. B... says:


  320. Del says:

    VOTE MORGAN. good job :)

  321. Jennifer Marik says:

    I vote for Donna Vivino!

  322. Adam J says:

    Donna Vivino!!! Yah!! Win Win Win!

  323. Kevin Hucke says:

    I vote for Donna Vivino! She rules! She sings real, real good and she works that Wicked Witch dress like nobody’s business!!!

  324. Julia Watkinson says:

    Morgan James

  325. Douglas Martin says:

    Morgan James for the win.

  326. Dana Beil says:

    I vote for Donna Vivino and District Wicked!!! May the odds ever be in her favor!!!

  327. Olivia says:

    Brandon Rubendall because he always goes above and beyond and is also one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met.

  328. Nick says:

    DONNA FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!

  329. Roger Thestrup says:

    She’s the Best any where, from East to the West!! I Vote DONNA VIVINO

  330. Rita Bresnahan says:

    Donna. No one can match her. She’s so authentic! With that heavenly voice!
    She’s absolutely the best!

  331. Wendy Meetze says:

    Donna Vivino has my vote!

  332. JANTHONY says:

    Vote DONNA VIVINO. She’s the greatest!

  333. Shira says:

    Donna Vivino!

  334. Nadine says:

    I work on Anything Goes with Brandon Rubendell and I vote for him!!!

  335. Allison says:

    Donna Vivino because she is hilarious and looks fantastic even when painted green!

  336. MGlyer says:

    As always, Morgan James for the win!
    who wouldn’t want to just listen to her sing the entire library of Nina Simone?

  337. Jenny Marshall says:

    I vote for Donna!

  338. Jason Clark says:

    I vote for Donna!!!!! She is an amazing and talented gurl!!!!

  339. margie6000 says:

    I vote for Morgan James. I loved her video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPuVgKk5lzA and I love her…………..

  340. Claire says:

    I vote for Donna Vivino. As if it’s not enough to be a fabulous actress and singer, she is also an improv comedy genius.

  341. Barbara A McClain says:

    I vote for Morgan James, obvious choice!

  342. Suzy says:

    I vote for Morgan James! Amazing voice, amazing spirit — such an inspiration! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UR3eXeNnBLo

  343. Kate Lopes says:

    The entire West Coast of the United States wants DONNA VIVINO, the vivacious vocal vixen!!!!!

  344. Anne says:

    My Vote…. Brandon!!!!!!!

  345. Destiny D says:

    Donna Vivino…………amazing!!!!!!!!!

  346. Ray Martin says:

    MORGAN JAMES!! And people need to quit trying to cheat! Sure hope the judges have a way of weeding that out! Go Morgan, “speak the speech…tippingly from the tongue!”

  347. brandon bubendall: meraviglioso……

  348. Mike H says:

    I vote for Donna Vivino 100000000x’s. She’s a gem and she’s cool and funny, PLUS I won’t watch the show if she doesn’t win this. So, basically what’s up?

    Also, if you don’t believe me check her out for yourself by searching for “Donna Vivino” at this awesome new webiste I just found http://www.google.com!

  349. Karen Huber says:

    MORGAN JAMES hands down! She’s the best! Love her, love her, lover her!

  350. I enjoy what you guys are usually up too. This kind of clever work and exposure!
    Keep up the great works guys I’ve added you guys to my personal blogroll.

  351. Laurel says:

    Donna Vivino. Duh.

  352. I vote for Donna Vivino from District Wicked!

  353. Jillian says:

    My vote is for Donna Vivino because she always knows when to make someone laugh and how to make an audience cry.

  354. Halley says:


  355. neil michael says:

    Donna Vivino from Wicked

  356. Tara Bassett says:

    Donna “Katniss” Vivino from District Wicked. Without a doubt.

  357. Kristen says:

    There are SO many reasons why Morgan James should win the Broadway Hunger Games. Here are a few:

    1. She is passionate about making incredible music and is working her ass off to do so. Just look at her giant list of upcoming shows: http://www.morganjames.org/upcoming.html.

    2. She has THE most incredible/unique/powerful voice I have ever heard. Need proof? Check out ANY video of her on youtube. This one is my personal fav: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bsrf3yOw4iE

    3. She is the nicest, most grateful and generous performer I have ever met.

    4. I go see a lot of shows but none of them compare to Morgan’s solo concerts. They are by far my favorite!

    So there is no doubt in my mind that Morgan should win this game!!! GO MORGAN!!

  358. Marsha Broads says:

    DONNA VIVINO from WICKED- her talent is incomparable!!!

  359. Sarah W. says:

    I vote for Morgan James mostly because of this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xO90hZsAf-k

    (Sorry Brandon!! It was a tough decision.)

  360. Jim Platt says:

    After becoming enamored with Morgan James, with the Utah Symphony last summer, I gladly vote for Morgan with much love….

  361. Emma says:

    Brandon Rubendall!

  362. Judi Parrish says:

    I vote for Morgan James!!

  363. Jess S. says:

    I vote Morgan James–because somehow, on Monday night, she’s appearing in TWO DIFFERENT CONCERTS? What?

  364. Sue says:

    Donna Vivino, because she rocked those glasses in her last video and she has a bunch of Tonys.

  365. Toasty says:

    The victor MUST be DONNA VIVINO! Her talent makes me green with envy!

  366. Michael says:

    I vote for Morgan James because she can sing ANYTHING!


  367. Elizabeth Martinez says:

    My vote is for Morgan James!!!!

  368. T.J. says:

    My vote is for Morgan James!!!!

  369. Keith M says:


  370. Sandy Denise says:

    Donna Vivino cause she is beyond funny

  371. Morgan says:

    I vote for Donna Vivino because she is just plain funny and has shown that she has what it takes to compete :D

  372. Hector Lugo says:

    DONNA VIVINO gets my vote; from Little Cossette in the Original Broadway Cast of Les Miserables to Elphaba in Wicked, undeniable Broadway Royalty, she is Musical Theatre’s Crown Princess! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Y9YOp5J908&feature=youtube_gdata_player

  373. Candi A says:

    I vote for Morgan James because she rules at singing, dancing, and at life in general.

  374. Katrin says:

    I vote for Morgan James

  375. SHAKAY says:


  376. Abby says:

    Donna Vivino, for her versatility…like this… http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7f9pYLOUvy0

  377. Lindsay says:

    I’m voting for Morgan James because she is the hardest working person I have ever met. She is in GODSPELL 8 times a week, she performs solo concerts every couple of weeks, she works during the day on writing and arranging new music, she went over two months without taking a day off, she takes the time to interact with and thank her fans on Twitter and Facebook, and she does all of that with a giant smile. And if those reasons aren’t enough, then watch this video and you’ll understand. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFnlHJS236Q

  378. Amber says:

    I vote for Morgan James! I saw her play Alice and she was AMAZING!

  379. LG says:

    Voting for Morgan James because she just kills at everything she does. She’s great! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5r9ZiybKY8M

  380. DeDe says:

    I vote for Donna Vivino! Not just because she sings Ave Maria better than Beyonce, but also because she defies gravity! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MObfYLL2oDw

    2 votes from this household

  381. Jason Clark says:


  382. Rachel says:

    Morgan! Morgan! Morgan!

  383. Kaan A. says:

    I vote for Morgan James!

  384. Rebecca M says:


  385. Lisa says:


  386. DONNA VIVINO for the WIN! If I’ve been in three broadway shows does she get even more points?

  387. kaykay says:

    My vote is DONNA VIVINO. I saw DONNA backstage and got to wear her witch’s hat. She is sooooooooooo nice and amazing!!!!!!!!

  388. Amy D says:

    Donna Vivino – District Wicked!

    To paraphrase Suzanne Collins’ wonderful writing: “It crosses my mind that Donna’s calm and normal demeanor masks a madwoman”.

    District Wicked all the way!

  389. Chris F. says:

    I’m voting for Morgan James because her voice is beyond amazing.

  390. Barb says:

    My vote is for the one and only Morgan James.

  391. Emily says:

    Donna Vivino because she’s FIERCE

  392. julieA says:

    I vote for Morgan James!

  393. Amanda says:

    my vote is for Brandon Rubendall

  394. Justine Moo says:

    I’ll stand-by… Donna Vivino!

  395. Joy Darash says:

    Donna Vivino!

  396. Steve says:

    Morgan is my cousin , and we’re all so proud of that girl!!! Why? She’s funny, kind, talented and can do it all—-won a national speech competition, went to Juilliard,performs 8 shows a week on Broadway, sings jazz at Lincoln Center, and makes a mean granola! Who else could be Queen of the Hunger Games??!

  397. Jennifer says:

    Donna! :)

  398. Barb says:

    I vote for Brandon! Anything Goes is the best!!

  399. As a mentor and part of Team Pazakis, I’m all the way for Morgan J!
    Morgan James FTW!

  400. Ruth says:


  401. Mandi Price says:

    Vote for the incredible Brandon Rubendall!

  402. Eduardo says:

    The one and only, BRANDON RUBENDALL http://youtu.be/cTEGmSZjWA0

  403. btjiupek says:

    My vote goes to Brandon Rubendall =)

  404. Tony mancuso says:


  405. Jack says:

    Morgan James HAS to win!!!! She’s the best!!!! She can sing anything and she’s so beautiful!!!!

  406. Shari Flickinger says:

    Brandon Rubendall from Anything Goes


    More than one person is voting from this computer.

  407. Sara dillon says:

    Morgan James is my favorite! I vote for her.

  408. Jennifer M. says:

    Donna Vivino! She looks fierce in green! A vote from the Gershwin.

  409. Sandy Quinter says:

    Brandon Rubendall from Anything Goes because he is a WINNER!


  410. Ryan says:

    Ryan and the BLEEP Magazine team vote for our friend Brandon Rubendall!

  411. Taryn says:

    My vote is for Brandon Rubendall!

  412. Michele says:

    Go Brandon!!!!

  413. George Gonzalez says:

    Brandon’s Rubendall. All the way.

  414. steve says:

    Brandon Rubenall for the win!!!

  415. Michael Seel says:

    As a proud member of PEOPLE OF GODSPELL, my vote is for the brilliant MORGAN JAMES.

  416. Todd Quinter says:

    I vote for Brandon Rubendall from Anything Goes to win Broadway Hunger Games because he works very hard at his career! Genius contest from broadwayspotted.com!


  417. Rob says:


  418. Nicole Rubendall says:

    Brandon Rubendall from Anything Goes to win Broadway Hunger Games because he is my Big Brother and my role model!


    More than one person is voting from this computer.

  419. Danny says:

    I’m voting for Brandon Rubendall because he’s a friend of my mom’s =)


  420. Emma says:

    I vote for Morgan James! :)

  421. Matthew says:

    Vote for Brandon

  422. Michele says:

    I have been following Brandon since I was his 3rd grade teacher… So proud of him!!!!

  423. Jacob says:

    Vote for Brandon!!

  424. Ashley says:

    Vote for Brandon!
    We went to pre-school together and he was talented then already!

  425. Cheryle says:

    Vote for Brandon!

    Comes from a great family!

  426. Jaimie says:


  427. MGlyer says:

    and a last minute video for Morgan:

  428. Jess says:

    My vote’s for Morgan James because I saw her go on for Alice in Wonderland and she blew my face off with her belting…and I loved it.

  429. Lydia Henry says:

    More than one person using this computer…a party over here!

    Brandon Rubendall from Anything Goes!


  430. Morgan says:

    Brandon is my role model

    more than one person using this computer

  431. Sydney says:

    Brandon deserves the win!

    more than one person using the computer

  432. Stephanie says:

    MORGAN JAMES will be the victor of the Broadway Hunger Games!!

  433. Hilary says:

    Brandon Rubendall :)

  434. maria says:


  435. Jarv says:


  436. shellie says:

    I seriously think you should collect all of this—-videos, tweets, comments, Rumbles, bribes—-and someone should make a documentary!! Hysterical!

  437. James W. Baker says:

    My vote goes to the dear Brandon Rubendall. I j’adore him. He has one of the meanest “head snaps” in the biz;) He QUALITY through and through:)

  438. Jeanine says:


  439. BwaySpotted says:

    Just a heads up guys, voting closed at 4pm today! No more votes will be counted.

  440. Debra Lane says:

    Donna Vivino of District Wicked!!!

  441. Velky says:

    Donna Vivino

  442. Owen says:


  443. LIANA BREDEHORN says:


  444. Jarrod says:

    Donna of course!

  445. Jenn Wilson says:

    my vote is Donna Vivino!! I saw her as Elphaba and her amazing voice blew me away. I also had the privilege of meeting her at the stage door and she was so incredibly nice and friendly. I’m such a huge fan

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