• Sep : 28 : 2015 - There are a total of 31 backflips performed in every performance of Newsies.
  • Sep : 21 : 2015 - The London company of Mamma Mia supplies lycra for the Super Trouper costumes for all the international productions. Their orders for the fabric saved an Italian mill from going out of business.
  • Sep : 14 : 2015 - Marvin Hamlisch and Richard Rodgers are the only two people to win both the EGOT and a Pulitzer Prize.
  • Sep : 7 : 2015 - Wicked uses 250 pounds of dry ice per show and an additional 200 pounds when touring.
  • Aug : 31 : 2015 - The chandelier from The Phantom of the Opera is made up of over 6,000 beads.


A follower of ours on twitter asked us this question. We asked the fans. It got bigger than we anticipated, which means we have to bring it to the site to better keep track of your answers. Comment below with the name of who you think is…



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  1. JEN says:

    Jeremy Woodard and Joey Taranto (yes I admit it I am biased)

  2. Karin says:

    Does it have to be one????
    Joey Taranto
    Jeremy Woodard
    Brandon Rubendall

  3. RJ says:

    Richard Fleeshman.

  4. Ashley says:

    Mr. Hyde himself, Constantine Maroulis.

  5. Ashley says:

    And let’s not forget Dan Domenech :)

  6. Sarah P. says:

    Josh Young, Steve Kazee, Cheyenne Jackson, just to name a few :)

  7. Shannon Bivens says:

    Will Chase (AKA Clive Paget)

  8. Sarah P. says:

    Oh, and Reeve Carney!

  9. Meg B says:


  10. Chris says:

    Joey Taranto….and Darren Criss isnt a full time broadway boy just yet but he was there so i am going to include him too!

  11. S says:

    Josh Buscher

  12. Margherita says:

    Constantine Maroulis!

  13. Bernadette says:

    Nick Sixpack Adams

  14. Amanda says:

    Jeremy Jordan!

  15. Erica A. says:

    Aaron Tveit and Neil Haskell among many more! ;)

  16. Andrea says:

    Nick Adams

  17. Nina says:

    Tony Vincent

  18. Ingrid Eiersland says:

    The delicious Tony Vincent!

  19. Justine says:

    Stephanie J. Block

  20. Season says:

    Constantine Maroulis!!!!

  21. Renee says:

    JEREMY JORDAN!!!! ;)

  22. Ava says:

    Jeremy Jordan!!!
    and Aaron Tveit!

  23. Lori says:

    Constantine Maroulis of course!

  24. Stacy says:

    Nick Adams

  25. Beth says:

    Michael Esper

  26. Mary says:

    Constantine Maroulis

  27. Elizabeth says:

    Jeremy Jordan, Andrew Keenan Bolger, Steve Kazee and John Lloyd Young

  28. Kayleigh says:

    Taye Diggs

  29. sandy says:

    Constantine Maroulis

  30. Kay says:

    Nick Adams, hands down.

  31. meg says:

    Jeremy Woodard ;0)

  32. Deb says:

    Hello?? Nick Adams

  33. Cheryl says:

    Constantine Maroulis

  34. Irene says:

    Constantine Maroulis, no question.

  35. Kaela S. says:

    Aaron Tveit.
    Steve Kazee.
    I can’t pick one. They’re both very sexy :)

  36. Patti W says:

    No contest: Constantine Maroulis

  37. Diane says:

    Constantine! The one & only.

  38. Christie says:


  39. Anna says:

    Taye Diggs….Enough Said

  40. Marg says:

    No Contest Nick Adams all the way.

  41. Rebekah says:


  42. Tiara says:

    Nick Adams!!!!!

  43. Lisa says:

    Tony Vincent and Joey Calveri !!!!

  44. KD says:

    Constantine Maroulis….no one compares!

  45. greekprincess says:

    The True Greek God – Constantine James Maroulis

  46. MW says:

    There is only one…Nick Adams

  47. Cristin says:

    Tall, Blonde, Dark and Lean, Rough and Tough and Strong and Mean…Nick Adams <3

  48. Jennifer says:

    There are a few guys I could mention, but I’m bias and I have to say Jeremy Jordan :)

  49. Abby says:

    My baby Aaron Tveit, of course!!! <3

  50. Kristin D. says:

    Aaron Lazar!

  51. Caroline says:

    Nick Adams, Ryan Steele, Corey Mach, Aaron Tveit, Kyle Dean Massey just to name a few!

  52. Michele W says:

    Richard Fleeshman!

  53. Dixie says:

    Constantine Maroulis

  54. Abbie says:

    Nick Adams for sure!! <3

  55. Bernadette says:

    Stephen Sondheim!

  56. Lauren says:

    Will Swenson and Steve Kazee! I can’t pick!!

  57. Caitlin says:

    Jeremy Jordan!

  58. Kelli says:

    Hands down Jeremy Jordan!!

  59. kris says:

    Richard Fleeshman (what I would do to get my hands on those abs) and Steve Kazee.

  60. Vicky says:

    Constantine Maroulis. No contest.

  61. Jess says:


  62. Colie says:

    Ramin Karimloo <333

  63. Mercedes says:

    Jeremy Jordan
    Aaron Tveit
    Matt Doyle

  64. Mimi says:

    Constantine Maroulis for sure.

  65. JeanLuc says:

    Will Swensen and Constantine.

  66. Courtney says:

    Thayne Jasperson, Ryan Steele, Aaron Tveit, & Richard Fleeshman

  67. Tracy says:

    Constantine Maroulis!!

  68. Andrew says:

    3 Way Tie: Gavin Creel + Charlie Williams + Jonathan Groff = Heaven!!!

  69. Julie C. says:

    Only Constantine Maroulis for me! Ohhh, the HOTNESS!!!!

  70. Sara says:

    Josh Young!!

  71. Rosy says:

    The tall, dark, and handsome fella with the gorgeous hair~Constantine!

  72. Jane says:

    Constantine Maroulis

  73. Marcy Le Beau says:

    Constantine Maroulis

  74. Kathie says:

    Constantine Maroulis! Arriving on Broadway in April as Jekyll/Hyde. Sexiest man x 2!

  75. Ali J says:


  76. TFMH says:

    Is this even a question…?
    STEVE KAZEE. Done.

  77. Karli says:


    Who isn’t jealous of Idina?!

  78. Symone Mitchell says:

    Corey Cott, Jeremy Jordan, Aaron Tveit, and Kyle Dean Massey without a doubt!

  79. My boo Raul Esparza is my Bway sexiest man alive!

  80. Shannon says:

    Jeremy Jordan :)

  81. Deb Trombley says:

    You have to ask??? TONY VINCENT of course–who could ever forget his St. Jimmy in American Idiot?

  82. Judy says:

    Nick Adams is my choice!!

  83. Kaylee says:


  84. Christine says:


  85. Me says:

    Josh Young is Broadway’s sexiest man.

  86. Karen says:

    Josh Young!

  87. Adam says:

    Ryan Steele

  88. John says:

    Aaron Tveit (whenever he’s back on Broadway)

  89. Zach says:

    Max von Essen

  90. Gigi says:

    Jeremy Jordan
    Corey Cott
    Ryan Steele
    Andrew Keenan-Bolger
    Ryan Breslin

  91. Nadia says:

    Cheyenne Jackson.

  92. Samantha says:

    Ryan Steele, Ephraim Sykes, Jeremy Jordan

  93. LadyG says:

    Issac Calpito. The man is all muscle!

  94. Lynn says:

    Jeremy Jordan!

  95. Sara says:

    Aaron Tveit, Steve Kazee and Andrew Keenan-Bolger!

  96. FoRK says:

    Reed Kelly

  97. Erin says:

    Cory Cott (spelling)
    Josh Young

  98. Alessia says:

    Rubendall, Josh Buscher, Nick Adams and Ryan Steele were already named but Constantine Rousouli and Steve schepis need to be added

  99. Karan says:

    Reed Kelly!

  100. Jody says:

    Yes, Reed Kelly!!

  101. Mike says:

    Reed Kelly

  102. Lee says:


  103. Deborah says:

    Reed Kelly

  104. Clay says:

    Reed Kelly

  105. Chase says:

    Another nom for Broadway’s Reed Kelly.

  106. Rachel says:

    Nick A and Reed K

  107. Peter says:

    Jeremy Jordan
    Steve Kazee
    Reed Kelly
    Josh Buscher

  108. Chelsea says:

    Nobody else but Reed Kelly

  109. Erin says:

    Andrew rannells Gavin creel and Reed Kelly. Hotties

  110. Rachel says:

    Brandon Rubendall
    Nick Adams
    Rory O’Malley
    Colt Prattes!

  111. Lavin says:

    I know he’s already been nominated but I have to say REED KELLY for myself.

  112. Richelle says:

    Reed Kelly!

  113. Nina says:

    reed kelly, colin cunliff, aaron tveit

  114. Sabrina says:

    Reed Kelly & Brandon Rubendall. Woof!

  115. B.C. says:

    Reed Kelly – Great dancer, great fund raiser for Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS, and All-Around-Hottie!

  116. Vickie says:

    Reed Kelly, without a doubt. Gorgeous from head to toe, beautiful dancer, incredibly sweet, passionate about helping others. Besides all that, he is a poet, an artist, a fantastic model, and he has one of the most loving natures I have ever seen. To top it all off he’s humble as well!

  117. Sam says:

    Reed Kelly!! HAWT!!

  118. Lola says:

    Reed Kelly

  119. Gill says:

    Reed Kelly for sure.

  120. Leslie says:

    Reed Kelly….hot damn!!!

  121. Gail says:

    Reed Kelly

  122. Nancy says:

    Reed Kelly

  123. Leslie says:


  124. Wes says:

    Just another voice in the crowd shouting for Reed

  125. Cassie says:

    The man with the best abs on Broadway, Reed Kelly!

  126. Teemu says:

    Reed Kelly

  127. Don says:

    Reed Kelly

  128. Camy says:

    If muscle counts then Reed Kelly has it. But then, Sexy is about smart, talent kindness and confidence so I guess it has to be………..Reed Kelly!!

  129. Jenny says:

    I don’t know how many nominations someone needs to make it so I’m putting mine in for Reed Kelly too.

  130. Seth says:

    Reed Kelly

  131. *T* says:

    REEVE CARNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  132. Be says:

    Nick Adams!

  133. Debbie says:

    The gorgeous and multi-talented, REED KELLY!!!!!!!!

  134. Lynds says:

    Reed Kelly

  135. Alison W says:

    Reed Kelly!!

  136. Tim S says:

    REED KELLY!!!!

  137. Jessica says:

    Stephanie J Block
    (if Tony Sheldon can be prom queen, she can be sexiest man)

  138. Niki says:

    Reed Kelly!!!!

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